Postal & Last Mile Delivery

LoadTrek takes the complexity out of postal contracting and last mile delivery

We Speak Postal Contracting

At LoadTrek, we know that the USPS has unique and complex requirements. Requirements that are much more challenging than those encountered in the general freight business.

Requirements such as:

  • Meeting strict postal trip frequencies and schedules.
  • Reporting progress and delays in real-time.
  • Collecting late slips.
  • Reconciling extra trips and diversions.
  • Accurately paying drivers based on the O’Hara-McNamara Service Contract Act.
  • Setting up driver and equipment relay points.
  • Meeting new USPS initiatives such as Dynamic Route Optimization.


With LoadTrek, these complex performance standards are easily met and exceeded.

Automated Postal Scheduling

LoadTrek software is built to accommodate the uniqueness of postal frequencies. You can create loads in the system once, assign the days each load runs including holidays, the days after, and so on. LoadTrek will post the loads onto the right days automatically. LoadTrek can support most of the postal run frequencies such as K1, R7 and a majority of others.

Once your loads are entered you can begin creating driver rotations. The system will grab the loads on the right days and assign them to the right drivers for you.  Your dispatch can be completed before you open the software.


  • Setup postal frequencies.
  • Create static trips.
  • Create driver rotations.
  • Automate your dispatch.

Regulatory Compliance

We utilize decades of industry experience in transportation to design an effective and compliant system to handle your regulatory requirements. Hours of Service (HOS), Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR), Fuel Tax (IFTA) rules are managed satisfying both federal and state rules. We build in the flexibility needed to accommodate new rules, exemptions, and exceptions.


  • HOS compliance including U.S and Canadian oilfield rules.
  • DVIR compliance including custom equipment check lists.
  • Fuel Tax and IFTA Compliance.
  • Automatic over the air updates for compliance changes.

Easy to use and functional ELDs


LoadTrek Software has created analysis tools specific to the postal contracting business. You can generate a plan, use planned hours and miles, capture actual data from the on-board computers then review.  At the end of the day all data is in and you can compare by a contract group, contract, individual trips.

  • Comprehensive graphical dashboards.
  • Short and long term trending graphs with drill downs.
  • Subscription reports and real-time alerts with user settable parameters and violation thresholds.
  • Postal Contract analysis reports based on company relevant items.
  • Multiple reports organized by categories and user permissions.