Have dedicated routes that operate on a set schedule? LoadTrek can take the hassle out of route planning and management

Dedicated Route Automation

LoadTrek is your go-to service provider for dedicated route management. Aside from tracking the safety and compliance of your drivers, LoadTrek can assist you with the core components of dedicated route planning, dispatching, and monitoring.

Are you a postal contractor who needs to import HCR Plates? No problem! You can import your HCR Plate schedules directly into LoadTrek.

Route Planning and Dispatching

With LoadTrek Route Planning and Dispatching you can:


  • Automate the dispatching of loads based on your route schedule
  • Setup loads and routes to static post to the most approporiate driver based on location and applicable Hours-of-Service
  • Using LoadTrek Timeline get a bird’s eye view of your entire route from start to finish
  • Import postal HCR plate information directly into LoadTrek
  • Monitor your route(s) performance using custom LoadTrek driver and vehicle reports to identify weaknesses and optimize for efficiency
Safety & Regulatory Compliance

LoadTrek allows you to automate the collection and analysis of data needed to monitor and comply with regulatory reports:


  • IFTA reports including Off-Road and PTO for fuel tax recovery
  • Meets all U.S and Canadian ELD requirements
  • Paperless DVIR reports
  • Driving performance – create scorecards with your key performance indicators
  • Safe for use in explosive and hazardous environments
  • Crew member remote monitoring
  • Paperless data collection