Fleets working in agriculture are different, and LoadTrek can handle what it takes

Fleets Working In Agriculture Are Different

We work with grain haulers, milk haulers, harvest fleets, propane distributors, and chemical fertilizer transporters to provide them with a state of the art ELD and TMS to suit their needs. Many of these fleets share a pressure of extreme volume during planting season, growing season, and harvest. They also experience lulls in freight volume during the off season. Therefore, we offer plans to minimize expense when your trucks are parked and an easy way to scale up when the planting season begins.

ELD & TMS System Benefits

  • Flexible monthly plans – turn ELD devices on and off based on peak and off season.
  • Improve compliance – use agriculture specific Hours-Of-Service exemptions.
  • Plan loads with Timeline dispatch.
  • Bill loads based on miles, weight, or type of commodity.
  • Automate driver payroll.
  • Collect miles by state and record off-road miles.

Peak and Off Season ELD Device Management.

We offer flexible contracts where you pay for the number of devices that you use each month. If you have 100 trucks on the road 8 months a year, but park 60 of those during off-season? Not a problem. We allow deactivation of our ELD devices one month at a time.


  • Month to month plans.
  • Easy activation and deactivation of ELD devices.
  • Online billing console to see what you are paying for.

ELD Mandate Regulatory Compliance for Agriculture

We utilize decades of industry experience in transportation to design an effective and compliant system to handle your regulatory requirements to beat the ELD Mandate. Hours-of-Service (HOS), Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR), Fuel Tax (IFTA) rules are managed satisfying both federal and state rules. We build in the flexibility needed to accommodate new rules, exemptions, and exceptions.

  • HOS compliance including specific agricultural exemptions.
  • Federal and intrastate HOS rules.
  • Driver Hours-of-Service profile management.
  • Equipment specific DVIRs.
  • Fuel tax, IFTA compliance, and Off-Road miles.
  • Automatic over the air updates to ELD hardware for compliance changes.

Easy to use and functional ELDs


LoadTrek has created advanced analysis tools for fleets because we believe in the power of data. You can generate a plan, use planned hours and miles, capture actual data from the onboard computers, then review. As a result, all of your essential data is collectd and you can compare by a driver group, equipment, and individual trips.


  • Comprehensive graphical dashboards.
  • Short and long-term trending graphs with drill downs.
  • Subscription reports and real-time alerts with user settable parameters and violation thresholds.
  • Safety analysis reports based on key performance indicators.
  • Multiple reports organized by categories and user permissions.