About Us

Learn about our mission and how LoadTrek got its start

A Bit About Our History

In 1976, the country was in the middle of a fuel crisis. In light of this the “Joint Truck and Bus Fuel Economy Initiative” was formed by the U.S Department of Energy and the U.S Department of Transportation.

A company by the name of Rockwell International was given the contract to develop the first ever onboard computer. This onboard computer would be the precursor to future GPS systems.

The Tripmaster System Is Born


In September of 1979 the first Rockwell Tripmaster system was introduced to the public (device is illustrated).

A group of Rockwell Engineers, led by Ed Gulda, created a simplified version of the Tripmaster that led to an increased commercial success.

Could the same company that built the space shuttle also build a simple and reliable onboard computer for the trucking industry?

The Era of GPS Begins and ELDs Make Their Way Behind The Wheel

The first Tripmaster system was released for testing in 1981 with J.B Hunt acting as one of the test fleets. Post testing the Tripmaster was released to the public with several large private fleets as early customers.

In 1988 these devices were termed as “Automatic Onboard Recording Devices” or AOBRDs, and could be used as automated driver logs without any waivers needed. By the year 2000, data was being transferred via wifi and cellular networks.

GPS & LoadTrek

In 1995 one of the most significant advancements in the ELD industry hit the stage: GPS. It was during this time that one Tripmaster Distributor, Sheehy Enterprises, started to create a single system. This product would evolve into what today is known as LoadTrek.

This system was composed of an onboard computer, dispatch capabilities, and financial reporting. Today, LoadTrek is still the sole cloud-based all-in-on Transportation Management System.